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ImageStream Internet Solution - Pro Series Network Card - PMC 600 Series

PMC 600 Series

ImageStream's PMC 600 series adapters provide low-cost high-density T1 or E1 connectivity with channelized DS0 multiplexing for WAN and Internet applications. The PMC 600 series includes PCI 2.1 compliant WAN adapters with eight full duplex HDLC interfaces operating at speeds up to 8 Mbps per port, with aggregate speeds up to 64 Mbps. The 600 series can be used in Pro Series routers and OEM products running Linux.

The PMC 600 utilizes a modular rear I/O design that supports two interface modules on the rear transition module (RTM). Interface module options support up to two quad multi-interface synchronous serial, quad T1, or quad E1 modules for a total of eight ports. The rear transition modules are compatible with the PMC interface module (PIM) standard for rear I/O via P3/J3.

PMC 600 series adapters are based on the Hitachi Freedm32 controller. The Freedm32 provides HDLC processing for eight T1 or E1 connections, and it supports up to four fully channelized interfaces. The Freedm32 controller presents a full duplex clock and data interface to the rear transition module via J3 on the 6U carrier card. The Freedm32 processes HDLC frames, manages the buffering of frames using local FIFOs, and transfers frames directly to system host RAM via the PCI bus. The Freedm32 manages link list descriptors and data buffers directly in host RAM. It also manages a pool of 128 separate HDLC controllers that can each be configured to service one DS0, groups of DS0s (NxDS0s) or individual clear channel T1/E1 streams.

  • 32-bit 33 MHz PMC interface
  • Low-latency PCI bus master
  • Up to 8 Mbps full duplex throughput per port
Technical Highlights:
  • PMC form factor (IEEE P1386.1)
  • PIM standard RTM
  • PCI 2.1 compliant
  • Up to 4 full duplex sync ports
  • MTBF greater than or equal to 72,000 hours
Rear I/O Options:
(Up to two interface modules per RTM)
  • Quad T1 CSU/DSU module
  • Quad E1 CSU/DSU module
  • Quad multi-interface V.35, RS232 and RS422 (EIA530, X.21 or RS449) module
T1 Interface Specifications:
  • D4 (SF) and ESF framing
  • B8ZS and AMI line coding
  • ANSI T1.403, AT&T 54016 and 62411 compliant
  • FCC Part 68 and Canadian CS-03 compliant
  • Extensive test and loopback features including master & slave clocking
 E1 Interface Specifications:
  • AMI and HDB3 line coding
  • ITU G.703 (120 ohm), G.704, G.706, G.962
  • Extensive test and loopback features including master & slave clocking
Environmental Requirements:
  • Operating temperature 0 to 55 degrees C (32 to 131 degrees F)
  • Relative humidity to 90% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements:
  • 1.6 amps @ 5 volts (max)
  • 0.1 amps @ 12 volts (max)
  • 0.1 amps @ -12 volts (max)
  • CE Mark
  • FCC Part 15 (Class A)
  • FCC Part 68
Model Numbers and Interface Configurations:
  • 600-R - 8-port PMC adapter (requires RTM)
  • 600-T1SE-RTM - 4-port T1 CSU/DSU + 4-port multi-interface V.35, RS232, RS422 (EIA530, X.21 and RS449) RTM
  • 600-E1SE-RTM - 4-port E1 CSU/DSU + 4-port multi-interface V.35, RS232, RS422 (EIA530, X.21 and RS449) RTM