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ImageStream Internet Solution

ImageStream Internet Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is a leading supplier of Linux routers and wide area network (WAN) cards. The company is headquartered in Plymouth, Indiana. The company is a leading supplier of Linux-based LAN and WAN solutions for small offices, corporate LANs and WANs, and Internet backbone providers and hence ImageStream has a product range that can be used from SME to big telcos running on ATM.

ImageStream products include high-performance routers, network cards, and network management software. Targeting domestic and foreign governments, telecommunications/data communications companies and telecommunications suppliers, ImageStream strives to provide the industry's highest-performing, lowest-priced solutions for high-density T1/E1, DS3/E3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 routing applications. Other than Linux-based LAN and WAN solutions, ImageStream is also a leading OEM supplier of single board computers, communications cards, and Linux software for networking , telephony, satellite, and avionics applications.

ImageStream uses commodity off-the-shelf components and and Linux operating system to drive the Router Revolution. ImageStream routers are divided into two categories; Pro Series and Industrial Series. Both series are an outstanding replacement or complement to other routers available in the market. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, the US Army, the US Navy, AT&T, and Cable & Wireless.

ImageStream routers are easy to use as it is menu driven interface and hence it is much easier to learn and use. Any engineer can learned to configure the router in a matter days not month due to the menu driver interfaces that eliminates the trouble of memorizing syntax. Other than this, ImageStream is proven to have wire-speed performance even though it was tested under the most rigorous test bed done by third-party agency. It's FREE LIFETIMES software upgrades has helped a lot to save their money. Why still wants to pay more for router software upgrades when you are ought to receive for FREE. Why still hesitate to use ImageStream router to drive the router revolution? Come in and see it for yourself !!!!! Seeing is believing.