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ImageStream Internet Solution - Pro Series Router

Pro Series routers include the Rebel Pro™, Gateway Pro™, Enterprise Pro™, and Carrier Pro II™. The Pro Series is extremely competitive in terms of price and performance. ImageStream is able to minimize the cost of components and software licensing by using the Enterprise Linux™ router distribution, off-the-shelf CompactPCI and PMC components, and mass-produced enclosures.

Pro Series routers include premium features like heavy duty 19" rackmount chassis, front panel serviceability, hot-swap network cards, flash disk reliability, and a 2 Gbps backplane (64-bit 33 MHz CompactPCI). Except for the Rebel Pro, all Pro Series routers include hot-swap redundant power supplies. Pro Series routers also offer many advanced options including support for DC power, 23" rack mounting, removable flash cards, packet processing engines, and high availability (HA).

Pro Series routers include ImageStream's Enterprise Linux™ software distribution which relies on SAND component technology. SAND includes software features that support a wide range of networking applications. The lists below describe many of the software features that are included with every Pro Series router.

Hardware Support:
1 and 4 port 10/100 ethernet
1 port gigabit ethernet
1, 2, 4 and 8 port T1/E1
1 and 2 port HSSI
1 and 2 port DS3/E3
1 port ATM or POS OC3
1 port ATM OC12

Link Protocols:
Cisco HDLC
Frame Relay
Raw IP

Advanced Features:
SAND architecture
Menu-driven configuration
Automated upgrades
Secure telnet (ssh) v.2
Real-time monitoring
SNMP or NetFlow® accounting
System scheduler
IP firewall
Bandwidth limiting
Packet filtering
Port forwarding
Quality of Service (QoS)
Interface bonder
ATM inverse multiplexing (IMA)
Concurrent bridging & routing
GRE & CIPE tunneling
VLAN tagging
1:1 & 1:many NAT

Pro Series routers include 12 months of free 24/7 technical support, a 12-month warranty on parts and labor, and a 31-day Money Back Performance Guarantee that ensures your ImageStream router will perform in the field as specified in writing. In addition, ImageStream provides free Internet-based software upgrades for life, including newly released product features.

At the bottom line, you'll be hard-pressed to find another router that offers a better value. The low cost, guaranteed performance, and long-term value of a Pro Series router make ImageStream an easy choice for most IP routing applications. But if you still aren't convinced, do your own head-to-head comparisons, and be sure to check out the page entitled Why ImageStream?