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ImageStream Internet Solution - Industrial Series Router

ImageStream's Industrial Series routers include the Enterprise™, Gateway 64™, Gateway™, Rebel™, R1™, TransPort™ routers. Industrial Series routers provide industry leading price and performance because they leverage ImageStream's Enterprise Linux™ router distribution, off-the-shelf PCI components, and mass-produced enclosures.

Industrial Series routers provide standard features including a heavy duty 19" rackmount or set-top chassis, flash disk reliability, and a 1 Gbps backplane (32-bit 33 MHz PCI). Some Industrial Series routers also offer options for 64-bit PCI, hot-swap redundant power supplies, and DC power.

Industrial Series routers include ImageStream's Enterprise Linux™ software distribution which relies on SAND component technology. SAND includes software features that support a wide range of networking applications. The lists below describe many of the software features that are included with each Industrial Series router.

Hardware Support:
1 port 56k Modem
1 port basic rate ISDN (BRI)
1 port ADSL modem
1 port 802.11a/b/g
1 port 4/16 token ring
1 and 4 port 10/100 ethernet
1, 2, 4 port gigabit ethernet
1, 2, 4 and 8 port sync serial
1, 2, 4 and 8 port T1/E1
1 and 2 port HSSI
1 and 2 port DS3/E3
1 port ATM or POS OC3
1 port ATM or POS OC12
1 port POS OC48

Link Protocols:
Cisco HDLC
Frame Relay
Raw IP

Advanced Features:
SAND architecture
Menu-driven configuration
Automated upgrades
Secure telnet (ssh) v.2
Real-time monitoring
SNMP or NetFlow® accounting
System scheduler
IP firewall
Bandwidth limiting
Packet filtering
Port forwarding
Quality of Service (QoS)
Interface bonder
ATM inverse multiplexing (IMA)
Concurrent bridging & routing
GRE & CIPE tunneling
VLAN tagging
1:1 & 1:many NAT

Industrial Series routers include 12 months of free 24/7 technical support, a 12-month warranty on parts and labor, and a 31-day Money Back Performance Guarantee that ensures your ImageStream router will perform in the field as specified in writing. In addition, ImageStream provides free Internet-based software upgrades for life, including newly released product features.

You could search for a long time and never find a router that delivers a better value at the bottom line. The low cost, guaranteed performance, and long-term value of an Industrial Series router make ImageStream the best choice for many network applications. But if you still aren't convinced, make your own head-to-head comparison, and be sure to check out the page entitled Why ImageStream?