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ImageStream Internet Solution - Industrial Series Router - Rebel


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        Cisco 2600 series
        Cisco 3600 series
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        Cisco 7200/225


The Rebel Router™ is an ideal solution for TCP/IP routing applications that require low-cost wire-speed performance with T1/E1 and DS3/E3 circuits.

The Rebel Router provides two PCI slots in a low-profile 19-inch rackmount chassis. The Rebel Router includes an industrial computer, high-speed error-correcting memory, two 10/100 ethernet ports, and flash storage with no moving parts.

Each PCI slot accepts a variety of LAN and WAN adapters including all Industrial Series network cards, ethernet cards with up to four ports, and token ring cards. With add-on cards, the Rebel Router can interconnect IP networks across multiple 56/64 K DDS, fractional and full T1/E1, fractional and full DS3/E3, token ring and ethernet connections.

The Rebel Router takes advantage of ImageStream’s Standard Architecture for Network Drivers (SAND), which includes modular support for WAN protocols including PPP, Cisco HDLC, frame relay and ATM. SAND also makes it easy to troubleshoot LAN and WAN connections by providing real-time port status and performance monitoring.

The Rebel Router is ImageStream’s lowest priced Industrial Series router that offers BGP4 dynamic routing and interface speeds up to DS3/E3. The Rebel Router offers wire-speed performance and superior reliability in a low-profile package that works where most Cisco 3600 and 4500 series routers are used. The base Rebel Router also provides firewall security and IPsec virtual private networking (VPN).

The Rebel Router can be used at the network core or edge. It provides the lowest cost solution available for high-speed multihomed networks and other midrange Internet applications. The Rebel Router is widely used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as an entry-level router for customer premise applications that require medium-density T1/E1 and DS3/E3 deployment.




Chassis: Steel 1U 19" rackmount
Processor: Intel
Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
Storage: Fixed flash disk
Network Ports: (2) 10/100 ethernet
Management Port: Serial console
Expansion Interface
   Two 32-bit 33 MHz PCI slots
Wire-Speed Performance*
   One DS3 or E3
   Up to 16 T1s or E1s
Power Supply
   AC Mains Voltage: 90 to 135 VAC
   and 180 to 265 VAC auto-ranging
   AC Mains Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz
   Power Output: 150 W
   Height: 1.75 inches (45 mm)
   Width: 19 inches (483 mm)
   Depth: 10.75 inches (305 mm)
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)


Enterprise Linux™
   Linux kernel
   SAND architecture
   PPP, HDLC, frame relay & ATM
   RIP1, RIP2, OSPF & BGP4
   Menu-driven configuration
   Real-time performance monitoring
   SNMP monitoring
   IP firewall
   Bandwidth limiting
   Packet filtering
   Port forwarding
   Quality of Service (QoS)
   Interface bonder
   Secure telnet (ssh)
   System scheduler
   IPSec VPN



LAN Cards
   1 and 4 port 10/100 ethernet
WAN Cards
   1 port DS3 or E3
   1 port HSSI
   1, 2, 4 and 8 port T1 or E1
   1, 2, 4 and 8 sync serial
Model Numbers
   RR1000 - Base system
   RR-2T1 - Two T1 ports
   RR-2E1 - Two E1 ports
   RR-DS3 - One DS3 port
   RR-E3 - One E3 port
   RR-ATM/DE - One ATM DS3/E3 port



31-Day Performance Guarantee
1 Year Warranty
Free 24/7 Support for 1 Year
Free Software Upgrades for Life

Note: Terms and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Please refer to the wire-speed performance note for more information on this specification.