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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Card

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mageStream supports active and passive monitoring applications. Passive monitoring uses a dedicated tap in conjunction with a compatible monitoring card. Active monitoring uses a network card that provides at least two network interfaces, with software that forwards traffic from one interface to the other, and pass-through support to maintain network continuity when the monitoring station is powered down.

Active Monitor Cards

Active monitor cards are connected directly in-line with the data circuit. While the monitoring station is on-line, network traffic must be forwarded from one side of the monitor point to the other using software that is written for this purpose. This type of active monitoring solution is required when the application must modify the traffic before it is forwarded.

ImageStream offers the active monitor cards listed below. With the appropriate volume, ImageStream can modify standard network cards to provide automatic pass-through during power loss. In addition, ImageStream offers a number of off-the-shelf network cards that may be used in active monitoring applications without support for the automatic pass-through feature.

Active 10/100 Ethernet Monitor Card
ImageStream's active 10/100 ethernet monitor card is a two-port 32/64-bit PCI card that supports automatic pass-through with loss of power.

Active HSSI Monitor Card
ImageStream's active HSSI monitor card is a two-port 32-bit PCI card that supports automatic pass-through with loss of power.

Passive Monitor Cards

Passive monitor cards are used in conjunction with a monitor tap that maintains network continuity when the monitor card is disconnected from the tap. Passive monitoring systems like this support packet forwarding across the tap without any special software. In contrast with active monitoring systems, passive systems cannot be used to modify the data as it passes across the monitor point.

Passive Ethernet Monitor Cards
ImageStream's passive ethernet cards are designed to work with different ethernet taps including the 10/100 UTP ethernet and the gigabit ethernet fiber tap.

Passive Synchronous Serial Monitor Card
ImageStream's passive synchronous serial monitor card is designed to work with ImageStream's synchronous serial tap to monitor V.35, RS232, and RS422 (EIA530, RS449, or X.21) serial interfaces.

Passive T1 and E1 Monitor Cards
ImageStream's passive T1 and E1 monitor cards are designed to work with ImageStream's T1/E1 tap to monitor T1 or E1 interfaces.

Passive HSSI Monitor Cards
ImageStream offers two different passive HSSI monitor cards including a low-cost card and a co-processed card. Both cards are designed to work with ImageStream's HSSI tap to monitor HSSI interfaces running at speeds up to 52 Mbps.

Passive DS3 and E3 Monitor Cards
ImageStream offers DS3 and E3 monitor cards, with or without an onboard co-processor. These cards are designed to work with ImageStream's DS3 or E3 taps to monitor DS3 or E3 interfaces.

Passive ATM OC3 Monitor Card
ImageStream offers a passive ATM OC3 monitor card that is designed to work with ImageStream's OC3 tap.