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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Card

Active HSSI Monitor Card
PCI 722-HSAM Active
HSSI Monitor Card

Active HSSI Monitor Card

ImageStream's active HSSI monitor card, the PCI 722-HSAM, is a 32-bit 33 MHz card with two HSSI monitor ports and an onboard Intel i960 packet co-processor. The card provides automatic pass-through on power loss to ensure network continuity when the monitoring station is powered down. Active monitoring cards like the PCI 722-HSAM connect directly to the data circuit without the need for an external tap.

The active HSSI monitoring card is designed for applications that require the data stream to be modified before it is forwarded across the monitor point. If this capability is not required, an alternative such as ImageStream's passive HSSI monitor tap and card would be recommended.

Model Numbers:
  • PCI 722-HSAM - Dual HSSI active monitor card (32-bit, 33 MHz PCI)
  • 400068 - 6' HSSI cable (DB60M to HD50M)