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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Card

Passive T1 or E1 Monitor Card

PCI 604-T1 OEM Passive
T1 Monitor Card

Passive T1 and E1 Monitor Cards

ImageStream's passive 4-port and 8-port T1 and E1 monitoring cards are designed to work in monitoring systems that provide a 32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus interface. The monitor cards are used with ImageStream's dual circuit T1/E1 monitor taps. The 4-port card can be used to monitor the full-duplex data from two data circuits (or one tap), and the 8-port card can be used to monitor the full-duplex data from four data circuits (or two taps).

Model Numbers:
  • PCI 604-T1 OEM - 4-port T1 monitor card
  • PCI 608-T1 OEM - 8-port T1 monitor card
  • PCI 604-E1 OEM - 4-port E1 monitor card
  • PCI 608-E1 OEM - 8-port E1 monitor card
  • 800086 - T1/E1 monitor tap
  • 400065 - 3 ft (1 m) T1/E1 tap cable