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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Card

Passive Synchronous Serial Monitor Card
PCI 410 Passive
Synchronous Serial
Monitor Card

Passive Synchronous Serial Monitor Card

The PCI 410 is ImageStream's passive multi-interface synchronous serial monitor card for the 32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus. The card provides a flexible solution that can be used to monitor synchronous V.35, RS232, or RS422 (EIA530, RS449, and X.21) data. The 410 is capable of monitoring both serial streams from a full duplex data circuit at rates up to 2 Mbps. The card is used in conjunction with ImageStream's synchronous serial tap to provide a complete hardware monitoring solution.

Model Numbers:
  • PCI 410 - Synchronous serial monitor card
  • 800089 - Synchronous serial tap
  • 400062 - 3 ft (1 m) synchronous serial tap cable
  • 400057 - V.35 Y-cable
  • 400056 - X.21 Y-cable
  • 400063 - RS232/EIA530 Y-cable
  • 400064 - RS449 Y-cable