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ImageStream Internet Solution - Pro Series Router - Carrier Pro II


The Carrier Pro II™ is ImageStream's flagship carrier-class router. It is designed to meet the expectations of five-nines (99.999%) up-time with a tightly coupled architecture that features redundant CPUs, buses, alarm systems, power supplies, and fans.

The Carrier Pro II provides standard features including redundant high-availability IBM PowerPC 750 processor cards, 256 MB ECC SDRAM, the Whitney watchdog module, flash storage, dual 10/100 ethernet, hot-swap 350 W power supply modules, hot-swap cooling fan trays, serial console, rear panel I/O, and three expansion buses. The Carrier Pro II also offers a variety of options including redundant DC power supplies, removable flash card storage, high-speed packet processing engines, 23" telecom rackmount, and the entire line of Pro Series network cards.

The Carrier Pro II offers a 12-slot high-availability backplane with redundant CompactPCI buses. The split-backplane design allows for 2N, N+1, hot standby and full redundancy configuration. Each of the redundant expansion buses provides over 3 Gbps of bandwidth, with one 64-bit 33 Mhz CPCI bus, one 32-bit 33 MHz PMC bus, and one H.110 telephony bus. The Carrier Pro II includes 6U expansion slots and two 32-bit PMC sites. Each 6U slot can accomodate Pro Series network cards including 6U CPCI cards, 3U CPCI cards with 6U adapters, PMC cards with PMC carriers, and PMC cards with packet processing engines.

Available software includes HA-aware device drivers (PICMG-compliant); alarm management; and shells for heartbeat, checkpoint, and policy management. Coupled with the Whitney watchdog module, the Carrier Pro II provides a best-two-out-of-three failover voting process, with switchovers accomplished in less than 50 milliseconds.



Processors: (2) hot-swap compliant IBM
    PowerPC 750
Memory: 256 MB ECC SDRAM per CPU card
Storage: (2) fixed flash disks
Network Ports: Dual 10/100 ethernet per
    CPU card
Management Port: Serial console
System Mgmt.: I2C controller interface
Failover Mgmt.: Dedicated Ethernet,
   115Kbps Serial
Whitney Watchdog Module
   Low-power 50 MHz 860 processor
   Dual 115Kbps failover control ports
   I2C controller interface
   Power fail detection
   MTBF exceeds 600,000 hours
Redundant Expansion Buses
   (1) 64-bit 33 MHz CompactPCI bus
   (1) 32-bit 33 MHz PMC bus
   (1) H.110 telephony bus
Redundant Expansion Interfaces
   (5) 6U 32/64-bit 33 MHz CPCI slots
   (5) 6U rear transition slots
   (2) 32-bit 33 MHz PMC sites
Wire-Speed Performance*
   Up to one OC12
   Up to two OC3s
   Up to four DS3s or E3s
   Up to 40 T1s or E1s
Cooling: (3) Hot-swap fan trays
AC Power
   Supplies: Dual hot-swap PFC
   Mains: 100 to 240 VAC
   Output: 350 W x 2
   Height: 17.5 inches (445 mm)
   Width: 19 inches (483 mm)
   Depth: 13.9 inches (353 mm)
Weight: 44 lbs. (20 kg)


Enterprise Linux™
   Linux kernel
   SAND architecture
   PPP, HDLC, frame relay & ATM
   RIP1, RIP2, OSPF & BGP4
   Menu-driven configuration
   Real-time monitoring
   SNMP monitoring
   IP translation firewall
   Bandwidth limiting
   Packet filtering
   Port forwarding
   Quality of Service (QoS)
   Interface bonder
   Secure telnet
   System scheduler
   IPSec VPN


   Packet processing engines
   PPMC co-processors
   Removable Flash Disk
LAN Cards
   1 port gigabit ethernet
   1, 2, 4 and 8 port 10/100 ethernet
   24 port ethernet switch
WAN Cards
   1 port OC3
   1 and 2 port T3/E3
   1 and 2 port HSSI
   1, 2, 4 and 8 port T1/E1
   1, 2, 4 and 8 sync serial
Power Supplies
   350 W DC Power Supplies
Model Numbers
   CP1000-II - Base system
   CP1000-II-DC - DC power supplies
   CP1023-II - 23" rackmount HA




31-Day Performance Guarantee
1 Year Warranty
Free 24/7 Support for 1 Year
Free Software Upgrades for Life

Note: Terms and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Please refer to the wire-speed performance note for more information on this specification.