Telogic’s Innovative Over The Air Phonebook Backup

Backup Your Phone

Telogic provides a simple way of backing your mobile phone’s content Over-The-Air (OTA). Content such as: contacts, sms, pictures, ringtones, music and videos. Giving you peace of mind, in the event of your phone being lost, damaged, stolen and upgraded. Restore your information within minutes. With over 200 supported devices. It ensures the best user experience whether you are a novice or experienced user.

Keeping Information Safe
We rely on our phones to remind us of scheduled events and remember contact details. This information is invaluable. Imagine the nightmare if you lose your phone! All the hours you will have to spend inputting your information. Protect your information with Burp, a comprehensive and intelligent backup and restore solution from Telogic. Information is protected seamlessly on your new phone without cables, Bluetooth or Infrared.

Easy Set Up
Burp provides help wizards and tools for easy configuration of phones.

  • Sync OTA Settings

  • Sync OMA Settings

  • Wap Push Client Download

Backup & Restore Anytime Anywhere
It offers several methods to protect the phone’s information.
Such as SMS, MMS, GPRS, EDGE & 3G.
An online Web Management Portal and Wap Portal.

Confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.
Information is kept secured by the highest standards available.

User Features

Synchronized PIM
Contacts and Calendar is stored in the handset’s memory. It is updated on the system as soon as there are changes.

SIM Backup & Restore
Single or Multiple Contacts can be downloaded and restored on demand.

Phone Information Backup & Restore
All personal information (PIM, SMS, MMS, Music, Videos etc) stored on the phone is backed up Over-The-Air and restored on demand.

Wap Management
View and download stored information.

Web Management

  • Manage Contacts

  • WebSMS feature with stored contacts

  • Broadcast SMS to multiple recipients

  • Broadcast SMS of your new number

  • Manage and MMS

  • Sort your pictures into albums

Supported Languages
English Nokia S60, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese etc.

Supported Devices
GSM phones with J2ME, Nokia S60 Symbian, Windows MobileSyncML 1.1 handsets

Operator Benefits

Burp is designed to help Operators compete and increase customer loyalty. Our system’s ability to protect and transfer information into a new handset allows the customer to resume services without disruption.

Monitoring & Billing
Logs are generated on usage and access in order to bill and generate comprehensive reports for marketing purposes.

We Provide

  • Hosted Solutions

  • Branded Solutions

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Round The Clock Technical Support

  • Improved Customer Loyalty

  • Increase In Average Revenue Per Customer

Technical Specifications

Operating System

Application Servers & Database

• MS Windows 2000

• Tomcat

• Linux Redhat

• Oracle, MySQL


MMSC & SMSC Protocols



• 1.01, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.2




Data Formats


• Standard vCard


• Standard vCalendar


• Multimedia


• Wav, Midi, Mp3, 3GP etc




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