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Telogic's UniSS7 Management System

UniSS7 is a non-intrusive signaling monitoring system that allows extraction of valuable real-time information from wireline or wireless network to give Telecommunication Operators the data needed to dramatically improve the efficiency of the network, boost profitability, increase customer satisfaction and enable an array of Value Added Services. Based on open architecture, standards, client/server and web-based technologies that built in the flexibility and scalability, the UniSS7 is the ideal solutions for the concurrent deployment of multiple enhanced voice and messaging applications via the mobile network. UniSS7 provide complete network visibility and present real time statistics and historical reporting available from the network, with applications such as Traffic Engineering Network Pl anning, Interconnections Arbitration for Voice or SMS, Real time SS7 information to Fraud Management/Billing System, QoS Report etc . For network operations personnel, critical information such as PCM Alarms, System Events, Hardware Status, Signaling Links Details, etc. are available. This powerful feature allows the authorized user to access real-time information at their fingertip anytime, anywhere via the web-based management module.

Product Highlights

  • Non-intrusive Real-Time SS7 Message Monitoring and Logging Highly Scalable Client Server Architecture.
  • Flexible Filtering of SS7 Messages.
  • Fault and Performance Management - Operational and Alarm Logging.
  • Protocol Analysis - Provides detail description of SS7 message and parameters for Traffic Engineering Application
  • Multiple Protocol Support.
  • Real Time CDR Generation.
  • Voice and SMS arbitration report.
  • Complete Network visibility through real time information captured.

Benefits of UniSS7 Network Monitoring and Management Solutions

Maximum Returns of Investment (ROI)
Operations, Planning, Marketing and Fraud departments can all simultaneously benefit from UniSS7 without conflict and degradation of performance, providing the maximum ROI.

Vendor Independent
Quickly identifies and eliminates costly interoperability and performance issues, regardless of which vendors' equipment is deployed in your network, by capturing data directly from the signaling network.

Scalable and Modular
Ensures your equipment is protected by an economical growth path that can accommodate flexible and scalable network expansion, and uses card-level and software-level upgrades.

Enhanced Engineering and Planning Capabilities
Implements and refines network architectures to maximize the return of your capital investment using real-time and historical measures of network usage and service applications

 Download Telogic's UniSS7 Brochure here