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elogic's Signalling Relay Platform (C7/SS7)

Telogic Signaling Relay Platform (C7/SS7) system will monitor, detect and block undesirable signaling traffic such as fraud or spam on real-time basis. It helps to regulate the traffic accordingly to operator requirement.

This platform is design to guard the interconnection links according to operator requirement and needs.
Nevertheless, the platform features will give the required assurance to the operator by giving them a peace of mind.

Two categories of solution suits offered under Signaling Relay Platform are as follows:

1. Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)

This solution is able to perform ISUP call filtering or call routing task based on the rules applies to the ICR platform. It control the incoming/outgoing of call to /from operator based on call properties value such as calling party number, called party number, time of call, originating/terminating C7 node addresses.

2. Intelligent SMS Routing (ISR)

This solution is able to perform SMS filtering or SMS Routing task based on the rules applied to ISR platform. It control inbound/outbound SMS to/from operator based on SMS properties such as Sender/Receiver Number, Originating/Terminating C7 node addresses, Originating/Terminating SCCP addresses.