Roaming Service Suite

Caller Line Identification for Outbound Roamer (SMS-CLI)
When a mobile subscriber who roams to foreign network receives a call, the caller ID of the A-party is usually not displayed. With this service, the Outbound Roamer would be able to see the caller ID via a SMS notification sent prior to receiving the call.

Corrective Dialing Solution
This service assists Inbound Roamers (or even local subscribers) in using the right prefix to make an international or a local call.

Foreign Roaming Number (FRN)
This service enables home mobile operators to provide a virtual roaming network partner's number for their Outbound Roamers, helping them to save on their roaming charges.

Inbound Roamers Priority Call Service
This service identifies Inbound Roamers with higher priority for call completion. With such identification, Inbound Roamers would experience improved quality of service, which in turn improves the revenue from inbound roamers.

Local Roaming Number (LRN)
This service enables local mobile operators to provide virtual local numbers (MSISDN) for Inbound Roamers, helping them to save on their roaming charges.

Optimal Routing (OR) or Local Direct Dial (LDD) System
This solution provides a shorter call path for the Inbound Roamer when a call is originated from the mobile operator's network and terminating at the Inbound Roamer. The call path will bypass the international gateway and the Inbound Roamer's home network.

Preferred International Roaming (PIR)
This solution helps mobile operator to direct Outbound Roamers to specific preferred visited networks. No update on the preferred list (stored in the SIM card) is required.

Welcome SMS Solution
Welcome SMS solution is a low cost marketing tool for mobile operators

World Wide Number/ World Wide Short Code Service
This service provides convenience to the inbound roamers by allowing them to use easy-to-remember numbers (e.g. EMBASSY, VISA etc) provided by the mobile operator or to use those short codes provided by their home network service numbers (e.g. customer service, voice mail etc.) while roaming.