Voice Services Platform

Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response is a service that enables mobile operators to automate some of their customer care services, such as Call Centre, Service Enquiry or Registration Enquiry.

Multiple Application Exchange (MAX) Development Tool Kit
MAX is a very powerful and cost effective GUI-based Computer Telephony Application development platform for application, e.g. IVRS, Prepaid Calling Card, etc.

Alert Me
This solution provides SMS notification to both the called party (an "Alert Me" subscriber) and the calling party, once the called party is reachable.

Audio Conferencing System (ACS)
Audio Conferencing is a system that network operators to provide audio conference call facilities for both fixed and mobile networks.

Auto-Call Connect (ACC)
Auto-Call Connect is a service that mobile operators could provide to their subscribers, when the called subscriber's handset is not reachable. It provides notification through SMS, voice MMS, voice mail or automatic call connection to both the called subscriber and calling party, once subscriber's handset is reachable.

Background Network Melody (BGM)
This service enables subscribers to share a piece of memorable music with that special someone, good friends or family while holding a conversation.

Central Office Voice Messaging System (VMS)
Telogic VMS provides the call service of Voice and Fax message to enhance call completion both on fixed and mobile networks.

Collect Call
Collect Call is a service that mobile operators could provide to their prepaid subscribers. With this service, prepaid subscribers are able to make outgoing calls even when they have insufficient credit balance. Collect Call uses the "reverse call" technology that is enabled on a mobile/wireless platform. This would increase the competitiveness of he operator's network.

Mass Calling Platform
This service provides call broadcast service to disseminate information to a large group of people within a short time, via the voice media.

Missed Call Alert Solution (MCA)
It notifies the mobile subscribers of any missed calls via SMS. Some of the scenarios covered are when the mobile subscribers switched off their handset or when the subscribers are out of the network coverage.

Ringback Tone
This service provides a channel for mobile operators to play advertisement to their subscribers while waiting for the call to be connected. Alternatively, this service enables mobile subscribers to define the melody they would like their friends to enjoy while waiting for the call to be connected.

Voice Logging System
Telogic Voice Logging System monitors signaling protocols such as SS7, MFC R2 or SS5, and performs Mono or Stereo recording according to the start and end of each call session. Filtering based on calling party number, called party number, file size, fax, modem, voice or protocol is available.