Multi-Media Platform

3G Video Gateway (VGW)
3G Video Gateway enables 3G network operators to establish connections with 3G-324M capable wireless terminals using H.245 messaging. It provides gateway functions such as controlling the connection with the network, 3G-324M Interface and the media stream. With this gateway, 3G network providers are able to develop video-related services.

Interactive video Response (iVr)
With this service, 3G subscribers could see menu choices in addition to the traditional voice menu. In addition, 3G subscribers would be able to view video clip while waiting for a response.

Video Portal (VPortal)
This service provides a single access paint to 3G subscribers far a wide range of live and pre-recorded video contents.

Video Mail (VMailI)
With this service, 3G subscribers are able to control the playing, recording and storing of Video clips in 3GP file format. This Video Mail could then serves as a greeting video message or uploads to a video portal.

Video Conferencing (VConf)
it provides 3G network operators the ability to conduct a video conference between H.324M capable wireless terminals and 1P-based (H.323 compliant) endpoints.

Video Streaming (VStreaming)
It enables 3G subscribers to download and play multimedia file as a continuous flow with minimal delay.