Messaging Service Suite

Colour SMS

This service allows subscribers to send decorative SMS or MMS to friends and family by using the standard messaging approach.

Foreign Short Message Gateway (FSMGW)
Telogic’s FSMGW is a gateway that sits between SMS applications and subscribers, which enables operators to offer their SMS-based services to mobile subscribers from other networks.

SMS Auto Reply Service
This Services provides Outbound Roamers an option not to receive SMS while roaming

SMS Broadcast Gateway
SMS Broadcast Gateway is a browser-based application that interfaces to the SMSC. It allow mobile subscribers to send large number of SMS from Internet to a group of mobile phones

SMS Content Enhancement Service
SMS Content Enhancement Service is a gateway that intercepts SMS and append advertisement to utilize the 160 characters allowed in each SMS.

SMS-Direct (First Delivery Attempt) is a solution for mobile operator that, provides high throughput and fast delivery of SMS to subscribers’ handsets

SMS-Forward Solution
 This service allows a SMS (that is sent to a MSISDN) to be forwarded to another nominated MSISDN

SMS Mailbox
This service provides a repository system that stores the subscriber’s incoming SMS when the subscriber’s is not reachable or has switched off the handset.

SMS-MO Solution for Roaming Prepaid Subscribers
This service enables prepaid subscribers to send SMS while they are roaming. This MO-SMS will be charged in real-time.

SMS Monitoring and Tracking System
The SMS Tracking System (STS) is a non-intrusive signaling monitoring system for mobile operators. It captures and analyzes SMS messages flowing in the SS7 network (in real-time or historical mode) as well as monitoring of the SMS content.

SMS Number Portability Solution
SMS portability solution compliments the number portability solution to provide a true number portability service for both voice and SMS service

SMS Router Platform
SMS Router Platform (also known as SMPP Router) is an intelligent router that sits between the SMSC and Application Providers, which provides functions such as flexible routing, security access and load balancing.

Short Voice Service (Voice SMS)
This service allows subscriber to send voice message to one or multiple recipients.

TV Voting Platform
It enables the content provider to run one or more polling applications without the need for real life interaction

SMS-to-Email Storage Service
This service ensures that every SMS that is sent to the subscriber will be stored in the email inbox.