Telogic Realmon SS7
  Protocol Analyzer Ver 1.5
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Telogic SS7 Protocol Analyzer Ver 1.5 Introduction

Telogic RealMon SS7 Protocol Analyzer

The Telogic RealMon SS7 Protocol Analyzer is a non-intrusive signaling monitoring system that allows extraction of valuable real-time information from wireline or wireless network. It captures and analyzes all SS7 messages flowing in the SS7 network to give Telecommunication Operators the data needed to dramatically improve the efficiency of the network, boost profitability, increase customer satisfaction and enable an array of Value Added Services.

Based on open architecture, standards, client/server and web-based technologies, the Telogic the ideal solutions for the concurrent deployment of multiple enhanced voice and messaging applications via the mobile network.

Besides providing high performance solutions and ease of maintenance, the system is also highly scalable. Future expansion can be done easily by adding modules and features when required, thus protecting the initial investment. Telogic's Network Management Solution provides complete network visibility and present real time information available from the network, via web based management module.

Multi-Platform System Architecture

Telogic RealMon is designed and developed using a Client Server Architecture that has built-in flexibility and scalability. It can be deployed on various platforms:

PCMCIA based instrument on a standard notebook.
PCI based Carrier Grade Industrial Computer system or a Portable Computer.
Open-system-based multi-slot CompactPCI® platform. The architecture supports the most demanding mission critical and carrier-grade applications.

Telogic RealMon Protocol Analyzer Platform Option:

PCMCIA Notebook Option

Support monitoring of 1 SS7 link per card.
Expandable to 2 SS7 links per notebook using 2 PCMCIA cards.
Runs on standard Windows 2000 notebook.

PCI Portable PC Option

Support monitoring of 2 SS7 links per card.
Expandable to multiple SS7 links per system using additional PCI SS7 cards.
Runs in standard Windows 2000 system.

CompactPCI Rack Server Option

Support monitoring of 4 SS7 links per card.
Expandable to multiple SS7 links per system using additional CompactPCI® SS7 cards.
Runs in standard Windows 2000 system.