Telogic Realmon SS7
  Protocol Analyzer Ver 1.5
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Telogic SS7 Protocol Analyzer Ver 1.5 Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Non-intrusive Real-Time SS7 Message Monitoring and Logging.
Highly Scalable Client Server Architecture.

Flexible Filtering of SS7 Messages based on

  • Points Codes OPC/DPC
  • User Parts Filter
  • SSN Filter
  • MAP Application Context
  • CIC
Protocol Analysis - Provides detail description of SS7 message.
Support decoding of SMS and Chinese Unicode SMS.

Real-Time Call Trace on

  • ANI
  • DNIS
  • IMSI
  • MSRN
  • SCCP Calling/Called Party address
Support Multiple clients and allows simultaneous access to the protocol analyzer by several users.
Support recording and playback of pre-recorded SS7 messages in offline mode.
Support different display mode: Real-Time mode, Call Correlation mode or User Defined Time Interval mode.
Multiple Protocol Support: ISUP, TUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, INAP, BSSMAP, China 24 bit point-code support.

Telogic Application Gateway

The Telogic Application Gateway is a module that supports various client applications such as the Real Time Call Trace and Protocol Analysis. It can also support multiple customized applications as per the customer's requirements.

The Application GW Module will receive SS7 messages sent by the SS7 Monitor Server Module and can reside in the same system or can be installed independently for scalability. If a client is connected to the Application Gateway, it will send these messages to the client after the messages are processed through the decoding and filtering algorithm.

The Application GW supports a logging function. The users also have an option to define the time period and link selection for full SS7 message logging for future analysis.

Real-Time Call/Transaction Trace

Telogic RealMon is able to perform Real time and Off-line SS7 Call Trace on SCCP, ISUP, TUP signaling. This application traces calls across the network in real-time and diagnoses network problems reported by users or detected by the surveillance applications. It allows problems to be rectified easily and quickly.

For Offline mode, the user can have the flexibility to control the speed of the scrolling display via a simple GUI interface. It allows the user to quickly scroll to the desired message or can slow it down to analyze the call/transaction sequence.

Multiple-Client Support:

One feature that outperforms traditional protocol analyzer is that Telogic Application Gateway supports multiple instances of RealMon Application. Multiple users can run the protocol analysis tool simultaneously and allowing each user to select any links or filter on any protocol type. The users can even run the RealMon at the comfort of the desktop.

Telogic RealMon provides detailed call flow records for each call, containing all signaling messages, addressing and routing information.

It also supports various display modes:

Real-Time display. This mode will stream all the SS7 messages that is flowing on the network in Realtime to the user.
Call/Transaction Correlation display. This mode assembles the flow for the same ISUP call prior to displaying it. It also assembles the complete MAP transaction as well. This gives a very good representation of the various call status and the MAP transactions.
Time Interval Display. The user can define the refresh rate for the display. This is particular useful for monitoring links with a high traffic volume.

Telogic RealMon has various flexible filtering features. It allows the user to filter the messages relevant to the users. Filtering such as TUP, ISUP, MAP, ACN, SSN, CIC, OPC, DPC, ANI, DNIS, MSISDN, MSRN, IMSI, Calling/Called Party Address, Operation Code.

Protocol AnalysisThis application allows investigation of SS7 messages on selected links and diagnoses network problems reported by network users or detected by the surveillance applications.

You can analyze SS7 message, from bits to octets, conveniently at your desktop. The protocol analyzer client software is simple to install, GUI-based, user friendly and feature rich.

You can even decode the SMS contents with a single mouse click on the SMS message.