Adax Signaling Gateways

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Specializing in signaling infrastructure, Adax offers a complete set of solutions for today’s evolving telecommunications networks. Adax products cover all signaling protocols and popular hardware formats to provide the right solution for any signaling requirement. Adax high performance solutions are available for SS7, ATM, and IP protocols in fixed and mobile networks, giving customer unparalleled flexibility in developing their signaling solutions.


Multi-Purpose Signaling Gateways
Adax has a complete set of signaling gateways for the cost effective interconnection of circuit switched networks with new packet-based networks. The signaling gateways integrate Adax high performance communications controllers and software modules for traditional SS7 and IP signaling in a flexible, reliable and scalable way. From a single common platform the gateways provide a multi-purpose solution for any SS7 over IP requirement. The Adax Signaling Gateways include products for SS7/IP switching, routing, tunneling, backhaul, and Fault Tolerant, High Availability options are also available. These products enable a simple and straightforward migration of existing SS7 nodes to IP transport, saving the costs associated with leasing or provisioning dedicated long haul SS7 circuits, and meet the new network demands for IP signaling and SS7/IP interworking.

The gateways use the SIGTRAN protocols for the SS7/IP translation function in many different ways. The most appropriate gateway for each customer will depend on how they want the signaling network to operate and where the actual SS7 functions need to reside with the network. With support for M2PA, M2UA, M3UA and SUA plus the ability to interwork them, developers gain flexibility in design which is important to enable fully compatible IP based system.

The Adax Signaling Gateways provide peace of mind to the operators as they meet their key concerns regarding IP signaling. They all feature carrier grade NEBs compliant reliability, they provide redundancy via SCTP multi-homing and MTP3 changeover, and have built in security as well as easy management and provisioning tools. High Availability additions to the Adax family of multi-purpose Signaling Gateways have a fully redundant design with no single point of failure to provide a highly reliable SS7 – IP gateway solution. Designed to be implemented as a mated pair with a single point code, the gateway system performs like a traditional SS7 STP or an endpoint, while providing IP interworking with SIGTRAN endpoints and SoftSwitches.

Signaling Blades can run a complete narrowband or broadband SS7 or SIGTRAN stack on one card and can act as a single board Signaling Gateway with SS7 and IP interworking. This creates a high performance and cost effective solution for infrastructure manufacturers and operators using rack mounted cPCI (or ATCA) based systems enabling the simple and straightforward integration of existing SS7 Intelligent Nodes and databases with IP-based Media Gateways, Signaling Gateways and SoftSwitches.

The high link density, scalability, throughput and high performance of the Adax Signaling Gateways enable operators to manage the growth of their IP network while maximizing revenues and satisfying consumer demands for new services.