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Telogic Pte Ltd is a premier solutions enabler for the
telecommunications industry. Our signature telecommunications network management and mobile solution suites assist carriers and service providers in the region in improving the efficiency of their networks, enhancing profitability and increasing customer satisfaction.

Knowing Your Network Needs
Here at Telogic, we abide by our company mantra: Network Visibility Drives Business. Service Providers have a real need to better understand their network performance and have access to real time data in order to run more profitably and economically, to provide better value-added services and retain customer loyalty. Our solutions promise you just that. We help you understand your network and exploit this information in order to optimise its performance.

  Network Visibility Driving Business

Telogic products are built on a standards-based open software architectural platform ensuring scalability, adaptibility and interoperatibility. This platform can be deployed by service providers in many applications for their different market needs.

Our core product, the UniSS7 is a signaling monitoring system that allows extraction of valuable real-time information from your wireline or wireless network. It captures and analyses all SS7 messages flowing on your SS7 network, giving you the data you need to dramatically improve the efficiency of your network, increase profitability and customer satisfaction, as well as enable an array of Value Added Services.

Based on a non-intrusive probe, UniSS7 allows users to fully exploit the richness of SS7 information for Network Applications and Value Added Services.

UniSS7 provides tools for both network and business oriented applications such as:
• Traffic Engineering
• Network Planning
• Interconnections Arbitration
• Fraud Management
• Location Based Services
• Roaming Services (Welcome SMS for incoming roaming subscribers, optimal routing and others)

  Mobile VAS

Telogic is also a leading supplier in providing the various mobile related VAS’ (Value-Added Services) such as USSD gateway, Welcome SMS for roaming subscribers, Optimal routing and many more, that assist operators to enhance their services to their mobile subscribers.

  Shaping the Telecommunications Landscape

We strive to serve what we see as a need in the telecommunications industry. We have the tools to localise and customise our solutions to all service providers in the region, as well as the expertise in advanced telephony signalling protocols to deliver state-of-the-art technology. Our partnership with world-class technology powerhouses like Intel Corp, Radisys, NMS Communications, Sun MicroSystems, as well as regional communications solutions provider, ensure that we keep up with the latest in the industry.

  About Telogic

Formed in 2002 by a team of professionals with extensive technical experience in computer telephony and the telecommunications industry, Telogic provides flexible telecom network management and mobile solution suites for carriers and service providers. Based in Singapore, the company has well-established offices in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Telogic's client list includes major carriers from the Southeast Asian region.