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ImageStream Router - First Time Installation

Getting Started

1.Review available installation and support services
 For a description of available support services, see the Services menu above.

If you decide to use support services to help configure your router, call Technical Support for an appointment before proceeding.
2. Check the content of the carton.

Use the labels on the boxes to verify that you received:

  • All items intact and undamaged
  • The ImageStream router hardware required for operation
  • The ImageStream WAN cards required for operation (normally installed in chassis)
  • The cables required for operation

You must supply a cable if you wish to use the standard or serial console connection and standard Ethernet cable(s) not included in the box. Download manuals or order printed copies by contacting Telogic sales.

3. Record the information you need for your connection.
 Ethernet IP address_____ . _____ . _____ . _____
 Ethernet IP netmask_____ . _____ . _____ . _____
 IP address of default gateway_____ . _____ . _____ . _____
 Primary serial interface IP address_____ . _____ . _____ . _____
 Primary serial interface IP netmask_____ . _____ . _____ . _____
 Root password ________________________
 Domain name server (DNS) IP address________________________
4. Connect a standard or serial console to the router and power it up.
 ImageStream does not recommend the use of Windows' HyperTerminal as a serial console program. HyperTerminal has many known bugs and may cause problems with embedded devices. A free, functional terminal emulator, Tera Term, is available for Windows. A link to Tera Term is included in our Other On-line Resources If you plan to use HyperTerminal, please be sure to use the latest version linked on our Other On-line Resources page.

See the installation guide or see the section "Connecting and Starting Up Your Router" below.
  • Use the information in Step 3 above to set up the Ethernet connection.
  • Use the information in Step 3 above to configure the default gateway and serial connection.
  • Use the information in Step 3 above to configure your DNS server (required before downloading software updates).
  • See the Technical Notes section for information on building a null modem cable or connecting and external modem to your ImageStream router.
5.Verify your network connections.

Select Option 3 (Advanced) from the Main Menu, then select Option 1 (Bash shell) from the Advanced Menu. Use the "ping" command to verify connectivity between your ImageStream router and the default gateway router.

If you receive no response, recheck the configuration from Step 3 above and verify the following:

  • The host or router is running and is connected to the Ethernet network.
  • All cables are connected properly to the ImageStream router.
6.Verify that the router has the latest version of the Enterprise Linux software.
 On Telogic main page shows the latest General Availability and Open Beta releases available for your ImageStream router. Choose Option 1 (Configuration and Update Menu) from the Main Menu, then select Option 5 (Download the latest packages). The top of the menu should list the installed version (Current: router Ver. X.X.X). If an upgrade is unnecessary, proceed to Step 8. Choose Option 5 (Quit) to leave this menu unless you wish to install an upgrade.
7.Upgrade to the latest version of Enterprise Linux.
  1. Review the latest General Availability and Open Beta versions available. The most recent releases are listed on the right side of the homepage. The Update Menu will list all of the available distributions. See the homepage for specific information about available releases.
  2. Select the desired distribution version from the menu.
  3. Allow the router to complete the upgrade.
  4. Reboot the router and allow it to load the new Enterprise Linux version.

If the upgrade fails, or appears to fail, do not reboot. Call Telogic technical support immediately.

8.Configure the ImageStream router.
 Use the worksheet above. Consult the following manuals as necessary:

  - WAN Card Command Reference

  - Router Installation Manual

9. Verify your configuration.

  1. Save your configuration.
  2. Reboot the router.
  3. Log in as root.
  4. Choose Options 2 (Show interface statistics) from the Main Menu to verify your configuration.
10.Back up your router configuration.
  • Back up your configuration. Select Option 4 (Backup/Restore) from the Main Menu, then choose Option 1 (Backup Methods). Select the type of backup you wish to perform. If you choose to backup your router's configurations to a floppy, you will need to insert a floppy disk into the floppy drive of your router. The floppy does not need to be formatted. Ensure that the write-protect tab on the floppy is not open and that the floppy is writeable. Not all ImageStream routers are configured with floppy drives. This option will fail if you do not have a floppy drive installed in your router.
  • Store a copy of the configuration in a secure location.