NMS Communication - Voice Quality Solution


Both wireless and wire-line must contend with a variety of different factors that can degrade the quality of voice communications. It isn't just about the network coverage and bargain rates to win customers. If network delays can cause acoustic echo and other distortions must be dealt with in order to achieve voice quality.

NMS's family of carrier-grade voice quality system and echo cancellation meets the requirements of wireless and wireline telecom operators, deliver superior clarity anytime, anyway, on any call to every network, everywhere. These solutions not only eliminate background conversation, noisy traffic or echo and network distortion. They improve the quality of voice, which translates more calls and longer duration of use.

There are several reasons why to improve in voice quality:

  • Increase revenue per use: Better voice quality encourages subscribers to make more calls and talk longer and that means increase revenue.
  • Reduce churn: The quality of voice service can be directly linked to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Gain market share: Superior service translates into greater market share.
  • Lower costs: NMS voice quality systems have low operational costs because of their low power consumption, minimal space consumed and high reliability.
  • Speed ROI: It's fast and easy to improve voice quality and it's inexpensive way to get back returns.
  • More competitive advantage: Offer to subscribers what they demand and expect, with clear voice quality.

Echo cancellation is an integral part of virtually every network that supports voice communications. In addition to echo cancellation, features offered by these products include:

  • Acoustic echo control.
  • Studio Sound voice quality enhancements for consistently clear calls in noisy environments.
  • Signal processing control for flexibility in mixing voice and data on the same trunks.
  • Dynamic speech restoration.
  • Tandem free operation (or Vocoder Bypass) capabilities.

Voice Quality Offerings:

Echo Cancellation and Voice Quality Systems

Mercury - Broadband Voice Quality System
The Mercury Broadband Echo Cancellation System removes electrical and acoustic echo, includes Studio Sound features, and supports DS3, STS-1, OC3, or STM-1 interfaces in a single package - with transmuxing capabilities - a market first!

Mercury 14K - Broadband Voice Quality System
The latest Mercury Broadband Echo Cancellation System takes all the features supported by Mercury, and adds the highest-density available on the market today. Mercury 14K accommodates up to 14,112 equivalent DS0/E0 channels per shelf, and is highly scalable to meet your growing network's needs both today and in the future.

Sonata 100 - Narrowband Voice Quality System
The Sonata100 Echo Cancellation and Voice Quality System with Studio Sound leads the industry in density - accommodating up to 500 T1s or E1s in a single bay - and dramatically improves the quality of long distance and wireless (CDMA, TDMA, and GSM) calls.

Sonata III - Narrowband Voice Quality System
The Sonata III voice quality system with Studio Sound dramatically improves the voice quality of long distance and wireless (CDMA, TDMA, and GSM) calls. Sonata III provides a high-density solution, accommodating up to 192 E1s in a single bay.

Element Management Software and Voice Quality Capabilities

Studio Sound
NMS Communications' Studio Sound is the industry's leading comprehensive suite of voice quality capabilities for wireless communications. Proven to increase Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) by as much as 20%, it creates an optimal listening environment for both parties in a wireless telephone conversation, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased usage, and higher retention rates.

Network Analysis System
The NMS Communications Network Analysis System is a monitoring and measurement tool that gives telecom operators the ability to observe and analyze the performance of their network via direct interaction with NMS voice quality systems. This practical system can be used by network engineers to monitor real-time signal levels - such as speech, noise, and echo characteristics - in a single, integrated, easy-to-read graphical display.

EchoScan is an optional, feature-rich software environment that enables service providers to monitor their NMS echo canceller network from a remote UNIX or PC workstation anywhere in the world.

Echo Cancellation Processor Technology

e256 Processor Chip
The e256 processor provides high-density echo cancellation with automatic gain control. The processor is designed for suppliers of voice-based components or systems to implement on-board echo cancellation.