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ImageStream Technology - ImageStream Linux

ImageStream Linux

ImageStream Linux runs on every ImageStream router. The ImageStream Linux distribution is a complete state-of-the-art router distribution, which includes the Inetics platform (an integrated Linux kernel, advanced driver component architeture, and management softare), as well as a wide range of network diagnostics utilities and networking applications.

One of the most popular ImageStream Linux applications is the menu-driven management shell. The management shell provides easy access to router configuration options, real-time port status and performance statistics, and automated software updates via the Internet.

ImageStream Linux continues to evolve as ImageStream develops new software solutions. The list below includes many of the features provided in the ImageStream Linux distribution.

  • High-performance Linux-kernel
  • Scalable Inetics archiecture
  • Menu-driven configuration
  • On-line and off-line upgrades
  • Real-time status & monitoring
  • PPP, HDLC, frame relay & ATM
  • CEF-compatible bonder
  • Packet processing for all PVCs
  • RIP1, RIP2, OSPF, IS-IS & BGP 4
  • SNMP and NetFlow accounting
  • NAT Firewall (1:1 and 1:many)
  • Concurrent bridging and routing
  • NTP clock synchronization
  • GRE, IPIP and CIPE tunneling
  • Secure telnet (ssh) Version 2 " SoftCell ATM & IMA
  • Multi-link PPP & FR
  • PPPoE & PPPoA
  • Local & remote logging
  • T1/E1 drop & insert
  • LAN and WAN bridging
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • packet filteing
  • Port forwarding
  • IPsec & SSL VPNs
  • VRRP ethernet failover
  • VLAN tagging
  • System scheduler
  • IPv6