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ImageStream - External Modem Installation

Attaching an External Modem

All ImageStream routers support connecting an external modem to the 9-pin serial port. By default, the router is configured for use with a null modem cable connected to a PC serial port or dumb terminal. Connecting an external modem requires a minor changes to the default router configuration.

From the Main Menu, choose Option 1 (Configuration and Update Menu) and then Option 3 (Service Configuration). Select Option 7 (sconsole). From the sconsole menu, select Option 1 (Configure sconsole options). In the sconsole menu, select Option 1 (Configure sconsole options). This will open the sconsole.conf file in your default editor. The default configuration file looks like this:

getty /bin/mgetty
tty   ttyS0
speed 9600
debug 0

Add the line:


to the file. You can also reconfigure the port speed. By default, the speed is set to 9600 baud. If you are connecting a modem, you may wish to set this to a higher value, such as 115200. Save the file, and the router will restart the serial console with the new options. If you remove the modem, you can remove the "modem" line from the configuration file.