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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Tapper

T1/E1 Tap

Passive T1/E1 Tap

T1/E1 Tap

ImageStream's T1/E1 tap makes it possible to passively monitor two full duplex T1 or E1 circuits. A custom-built tap cable is used to connect the T1/E1 tap to one of ImageStream's 4-port or 8-port T1 or E1 monitoring cards. Each full duplex T1 or E1 data circuit carries two independent data streams. This means that two data circuits represent a total of four data streams that need to be monitored. Consequently, each 4-port card can monitor one tap with two T1 or E1 circuits, and each 8-port card can monitor two taps with a total of four T1 or E1 circuits.

The tap provides four RJ48 jacks and four bantam jacks for data signal input and pass-through. The RJ48 jacks are used to connect standard UTP data circuit cabling, while the bantam jacks are used to connect data signals from a bantam patch panel. A DIP switch on the tap is used to switch between the RJ48 and bantam jack connectors.

The tap cable is used to connect the DB25 tap connector to the DB26HD conector on the monitor card. In addition to carrying four data streams from the tapped circuits to the monitor card, the tap cable also provides power to the tap.

The tap includes a DIP switch that is used to switch between T1 and E1 operation. In addition, the tap provides a power LED that lights when the tap is powered, and a loopback LED that shows when the tap is in internal or external loopback.

Like all truly passive taps, ImageStream's passive T1-E1 tap provides transparent data circuit pass-through that is not interrupted when the monitor station is powered down or disconnected. This means that many taps can be installed, and monitored only when needed by connecting a portable monitoring station.

Part Numbers

800086 - Dual T1/E1 monitoring tap
400065 - T1/E1 tap cable, DB25 to DB26HD, 3 feet (1 meter)
800277G25-OEM - 4-port T1 monitoring card
800278G25-OEM - 8-port T1 monitoring card
800277G26-OEM - 4-port E1 monitoring card
800278G26-OEM - 8-port E1 monitoring card