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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Tapper

Ethernet Tap

Stand Alone 10/100 UTP Ethernet Tap

Ethernet Taps

ImageStream ethernet taps are available for fiber and twisted pair ethernet. ImageStream offers stand-alone 10/100 and 10/100/1000 UTP taps for single-segment applications, as well as rackmount 10/100 ethernet tap systems that provide 6, 20, or 40 taps per chassis. In addition, ImageStream offers single mode and multimode fiber taps that can be used with 10/100 and gigabit ethernet, as well as SONET/SDH OC3/STM1 and OC12/STM4 data circuits.

Each tap provides two interfaces for connection to the ethernet segment, and two monitor ports for connection to the monitor card. Each of the two ethernet signals in the full-duplex connection are fed out to the tap's monitor ports, and two monitor card ports are required to monitor the duplex ethernet signals.

The single-segment 10/100 and 10/100/1000 ethernet taps can be powered using an AC-DC power adapter, and the 10/100 tap can also be powered using power-over-ethernet (IEEE 802.3af). Each UTP tap provides a power pass-through that can be used to pass power from the AC-DC adapter on to as many as six taps. The rackmount 10/100 UTP systems include an internally mounted AC power supply. The fiber tap acts as an optical splitter and does not require an external power source.

Part Numbers

10/100 Ethernet (UTP)
ETH-100 - Single-segment stand alone tap
ETH-100-RM - Single-segment rackmount tap

Stand Alone 10/100/1000 Ethernet (UTP)
ETH-1000-TAP1 - Single-segment tap (Coming Soon)

Stand Alone Multimode 10/100 or GigE Fiber (SC connectors)
FT1-MMSSC5 - 50:50 single-segment tap
FT1-MMSSC7 - 70:30 single-segment tap
FT1-MMSSC8 - 80:20 single-segment tap

Stand Alone Single Mode 10/100 or GigE Fiber (SC connectors)
FT1-SMSSC5 - 50:50 single-segment tap
FT1-SMSSC7 - 70:30 single-segment tap
FT1-SMSSC8 - 80:20 single-segment tap

Rackmount Module Frames
PL-1U3 - 1U rackmount frame for up to 3 tap modules
PL-4U12 - 4U rackmount frame for up to 12 tap modules

Single Segment Multimode Rackmount Modules
FT1-MMRSC5 - 50:50 tap
FT1-MMRSC7 - 70:30 tap
FT1-MMRSC8 - 80:20 tap

Single Segment Single Mode Rackmount Modules
FT1-SMRSC5 - 50:50 tap
FT1-SMRSC7 - 70:30 tap
FT1-SMRSC8 - 80:20 tap

Monitor Cards
ETH-100X2 - Passive 2-port 10/100 ethernet monitor card
ETH-100X4 - Passive 4-port 10/100 ethernet monitor card
ETH-1000X2 - Passive 2-port 10/100/1000 monitor card (UTP)
ETH-1000X4 - Passive 4-port 10/100/1000 monitor card (UTP)
ETH-100X2-MMSC - Passive 2-port 10/100 ethernet monitor card (MMF/SC)
ETH-1000X2-MMSC - Passive 2-port gigabit ethernet monitor card (MMF/SC)
ETH-1000X2-SMSC - Passive 2-port gigabit ethernet monitor card (SMF/SC)