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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Tapper

Serial Tap

Synchronous Serial Tap

Passive Multi-Interface Synchronous Serial Tap

ImageStream's multi-interface synchronous serial tap is used to passively monitor a wide range of full-duplex synchronous serial interfaces including V.35, RS232, and RS422 with X.21, EIA530, or RS449 physical interfaces. A special "Y" cable is used to connect the serial tap to the serial line, and another custom cable is used to connect the tap to the PCI 410, ImageStream's synchronous serial monitoring card.

The multi-interface tap adapts its operation to various serial standards using different "Y" cables. The tap cable that connects the tap to the monitor card supplies power to the tap. The PCI 410 monitor card provides software configuration for each of the different serial standards.

Like all truly passive taps, ImageStream's multi-interface synchronous serial tap provides transparent data circuit pass-through that is not interrupted when the monitor station is powered down or disconnected. This means that many taps can be installed and monitored only when needed by connecting a portable monitoring station.

Part Numbers

800089 - Multi-interface serial monitoring tap
400062 - Serial tap cable for the PCI 410 monitoring card
400057 - V.35 "Y" cable
400056 - X.21 "Y" cable
400063 - RS232/EIA530 "Y" cable
400064 - RS449 "Y" cable
800217G10 - PCI 410 multi-interface synchronous serial monitoring card