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ImageStream WAN Monitoring Tapper

Passive HSSI Tap

Passive HSSI Tap

ImageStream's HSSI tap is used in passive monitoring applications. As a passive monitoring device, the HSSI tap does not interrupt the data circuit when the monitor card is disconnected from the tap.

The HSSI tap provides two HSSI connectors that are used to connect the line and pass through the full duplex data traffic. The tap also provides a DB26 interface for connecting the inverse "Y" tap cable to the monitoring card.

The HSSI tap presents a high-impedance connection to each of the two signals in the full-duplex data interface. The tap acts as a repeater that retransmits each input signal back out through the tap's output connection. The tap can drive this output signal across HSSI cabling over distances of up to 50 feet (15.2 meters). Although the maximum cable length for a HSSI connection is normally 50 feet, the tap's repeater function makes it possible to use a 50 foot cable to connect each of the two HSSI line connections to the tap.

The inverse "Y" tap cable carries data signals from the tap's DB26 connector to the monitor card, and it supplies power to the tap. The length of the inverse "Y" tap cable must be 10 feet (3 meters) or less.

Part Numbers

800085 - HSSI monitoring tap
400082 - HSSI inverse "Y" tap cable (DB26 to dual DB60)
800285G13-OEM - HSSI monitoring card