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DRB-Hicom Information Technologies chooses ImageStream for the pilot phase of Open Source Competency Center (OSCC)

Telogic, June 2004 -- Telogic, a leading provider of telecommunications network management solutions as well as solution for mobile/fixed value added services announced that it has been chosen by DRB-Hicom Information Technologies to supply the Imagestream routers for MAMPU's (an IT organization for Malaysia Federal Government) Open Source Competency Center (OSCC) project.

OSCC is a reference center between public sector user community and a Smart Partnership developer community that acts as a facilitator to ease OSS implementation in the public sector and establishment of strong linkages between the Government, education and OSS industry in the areas of education, research and development. OSCC also serve as a catalyst towards creating Malaysia's position as a world class OSS technology hub for creation and innovation of value-added technologies, applications and services.

ImageStream router is the first Linux-based router available in the market, with proven reliability and outstanding performance. ImageStream uses and leverages the power of Linux and develops a routing firmware called Enterprise Linux that is able to route high throughput of traffic at wirespeed by using readily available commodity hardware. This open standards product which is based on open source software has out-performed many other routers in the market that uses proprietary technology. By using open source software and commodity hardware, ImageStream routers offer one of the best price/performance ratios when compared to the other leading router manufacturer that uses proprietary technology.

"Our Imagestream Linux-based router fits well into the Malaysia Government initiative for OSCC project. With open source and open standards platform, the end users can be guaranteed of cost effectiveness, and at the same time, without compromising on the performance. It is definitely our aim to support and grow the OSCC project with the local government to the fullest extend. ", says Mr. Lim Thian Pin, the Country Manager for Telogic Malaysia.

About DRB-Hicom Information Technologies
DRB-Hicom Information Technologies Sdn. Bhd. ( a subsidiary DRB-Hicom Berhad is an organization that spearhead the development and adoption of open source solutions in Malaysia and committed to execute a strategic plan to promote open source solutions technology that will be part of a larger strategy to help Malaysia prudently migrate to open source environment, to make progress towards reinventing progressive movement into open source solutions, capture a bigger market share locally and internationally and to continue and rapidly revolutionize the computer technology to help benefit the community with the use of open source applications.

MAMPU is a government organization established to serve as the coordinator for Federal Government's project to increase the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and consistent management in public sector which is in line with Malaysia mission. MAMPU focuses on 11 areas to establish a world class public sector and implementation of IT in public sector is one of the major focuses by MAMPU.

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About Telogic Group
Telogic Group is a leading telecommunications solution provider, which is headquartered in Singapore and with various regional offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, the USA, and a network of partners in Asia Pacific region. The company is formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical experience and provides flexible telecom network management and mobile solution to support the requirement of converged communications applications. The company also distributes a wide range of voice and data communications products including Imagestream router products ( Its R&D activities are carried out via Telogic Technology Sdn Bhd, which is a MSC-Status company in Malaysia.

Further information can be found in the company website