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Article on Telogic profile in Wireless World Magazine

Low Kim Seng, Managing Director, Telogic Pte Ltd


South East Asia is among one of the high growth markets for mobile. The needs for innovative solutions for mobile operators’ lias become acute to help increase revenue in the already competitive world of mobile services. This has already nudged recognition towards the urgency for better telecom network performance and optimization.

More so, the market lias grown from capacity-driven to value-added capital expenditure. Telcos have been building up their massive infrastructure. Their focus more recently has been to roll out new value added services to leverage on existing infrastructure, already so heavily invested in. Better revenue through better optimized network, it's all about showing shareholders the money at the end of the day.

Enter Low Kim Seng, Managing Director of one of Business Times' E50 Start-up companies for 2004. Telogic is an enabler for the telecoms industry offering open and flexible network management solutions, mobile value-added answers and roaming solution suites. Low lias been taking charge of the company since its inception. He has been described as being the driving force that lias propelled the Group to its present achievements.

Key highlights Low considers as strength and achievement for an entrepreneurial and start up company are its proven success in innovative products designed with their Intellectual Properties and ability to secure commercial projects within their own resources; the ability to compete with much bigger and well established telecom solution competitors, mainly from tine US and Europe; and the ability to be self-funding, while expanding aggressively with products and market presence through business growth.

Telogic's status of being profitable since its first year of operation, ascribes well for Low's more than 12 years of experience in the telecom and IT industry. No surprise, his core competencies lie in telecommunication products and services. Armed with an engineering background from the outset, Low charted his course well, proving propensity in business as he moved from strength to strength. His career started as a software engineer at Fujitsu Asia, responsible for building telecommunications software for its Fetexr5o central office telecom switches.

The next logical step took Low into sales with Dialogic Corp.'s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. The company was subsequently de-listed after being acquired by Intel Inc. in 1999. In 2000, Low was transferred to Intel technology Asia, following the acquisition of Dialogic by Intel Corp. Soon after, the entrepreneurial desire spirited Low away and as history has it, Low founded Telogic together with 2 other Intel-lites. The new company was incorporated in Singapore in 2002.

Only 2 years old, Telogic today, boasts of regional customers that include AIS and DTAC in Thailand, Singapore's Ministry of Defence, Telekom Malaysia, Vinaphone of Vietnam, Mobitel in Cambodia, Indonesia's PT Excelcom, and CAT of Thailand. Telogic's products and solutions include SS7 Network Monitoring & Management Solutions to low cost SS7 Protocol Analyzer to USSD Pre-Paid Roaming System & Interactive Services to Mobile Location Based Services Gateway to Local Roaming Number Solution, along with a myriad of what it will take to bring in the revenue. More than this, Telogic also acts as a 3rd party product distributor ofLinux WAN Router, WAN Cards, VoIP Gateway and Enterprise Network Based Voice Logging System from manufacturers across the region.

Not too bad at all for an engineering graduate from Singapore's National University. And the future? "Our plan is to look for strategic investors or business partners to help the company in its next growth stage," said Low. This will cater to Telogic's market plan to expand into the US and the Middle East markets. It will also cater to product expansion through aggressive R&D, especially in the GPRS/3G technology area. "We are also in the process of application to be a Multimedia Superior Corridor company in Malaysia to further grow the R&D activities in (the country)." A lot of work for a startup but they have indeed remained true to Telogic's philosophy — work more and talk less. So far, it's working well...