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TransPort™ - ImageStream's entry-level Industrial Series router

The TransPort™ is ImageStream’s entry-level Industrial Series router. The TransPort provides standard features including NAT firewall, QoS, IPsec VPN, VRRP, dynamic routing, line bonding, packet filtering, and more.

TechCentral, Nov 18, 2002-- A ROUTER based on Linux? Yes, that’s what you get with ImageStream’s new entry-level router, called the TransPort. This baby runs on the VIA C3 processor and comes with 128MB of error-correcting memory, three 10/100 Ethernet ports and one expansion slot.

As mentioned before, the TransPort runs on ImageStream’s Linux kernel and features the SAND driver component architecture, advanced networking applications for NAT firewall, QoS, dynamic routing, tunnelling, VPN, VRRP, VLAN tagging, packet filtering, bandwidth limiting, interface bonding, real time monitoring, menu-based configuration and more.

The TransPort is designed for one or two synchronous serial or T1/E1 ports, but also provides options for 802.11a/b/g wireless, ADSL, BRI and 56Kbps dial-up connections

Entry level it may be, but the TransPort offers a relatively fast processor which is able to handle the plethora of options and deliver throughput equal to the line rate.

The TransPort is available in discounted bundles that include one or two synchronous serial or T1/E1 ports, with the basic model going for US$1,079 (RM4,100, with three built-in Ethernet 10/100 ports and no WAN card) or the model with an additional single ports synchronous serial or T1/E1 bundle at US$1,799 (RM6,836).

The price includes 24/7 technical support for the first year and software upgrades for life.

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