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ImageStream Advance Technical Training

Date: 13 to 15 November 2002
Venue: Singapore
Trainer: Mr Doug Hass, Vice President of Product Management, Imagstream Internet Solutions Inc.
Course Fee: USD999 - Sponsored by Telogic for its partners and appointed resellers
Comnet Philippines,
Unified Communications Malaysia
Attrix Technology Singapore
Attrix technology Indonesia
Ministry of Defence Singapore
Loxley Wireless Thailand
ResourceFusion Singapore Pte Ltd
PT Hitelnet Nusantra Indonesia
Init5 Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Vellas Outsourcing Singapore
Ultimate Communications Pte Ltd

This 3 days training is targeted to networking professionals who plan, design, install, service, support, distribute, resell, or maintain ImageStream products. Candidates for this training include resellers interested in developing an advanced technical knowledge of ImageStream products. The training covers an array of subject areas, including InterNetworking, Access, VPN, DS3, ATM and Frame Relay products and solutions.

1. All the various utilities and features supported by the Router :

RIP & OSPF dynamic routing
. SNMP monitoring
. IP firewall
. Bandwidth limiting
. Packet filtering
. Port forwarding
. Quality of Service (QoS)
. Interface bonder
. Secure telnet (ssh)

2. Additional configuration like IP failover,VRPP setting and load distribution using Imagestream Router etc

3. Advance network connectivity in Broadband area ( eg ATM-OC3 etc).

After completing the training seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Good understanding of LAN and WAN Technologies
  • Set up and configure the various advance features supported by Imagestream
  • Understand InterNetworking technologies
  • Set up and support and knowledge to troubleshoot Imagestream router
  • Define WAN/Telecommunication types and services
  • Understand protocols and standards
  • Define the fundamentals of security
  • Understand the fundamentals of network management on ImageStream equipment
  • Good knowledge of online command
  • Design and configure Redundancy configuration ( using Virtual IP or VRRP)
    and load distribution implementation
  • Understand basic of Broadband WAN ( ATM, OC3, OC12, OC48 ) and