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Telogic sealed a deal in Iraq to provide SS7 Signaling Gateway to GSM operator Asiacell

Telogic, Feb 2, 2005 -- Telogic, a leading provider of telecommunications network management solutions as well as solution for mobile/fixed value added services announced that it has secured a deal in Iraq to supply Telogic’s innovative and high performance SS7 Signaling Gateway to Asiacell, the leading GSM mobile operator.

Under the contract adwarded, Telogic will offer a signaling gateway platform that will provide a more effective and efficient call control for Asiacell's International network. This will help Asiacell to achieve a better network resources utilization for its expanding subscriber base. Also included in the contract is Telogic Signaling protocol analyzer which helps Asiacell in their network maintenance and as troubleshooting tool.

“We are very excited about the Asiacell deal. This is very much inline with our global growth plan into the Middle East region. Asiacell needed a reliable and cost effective system for their service operation and Telogic is selected based on its proven design and excellent track record. We believe that this deal will give Telogic a very good head start and set our foot into Iraq and the rest in the region. With the telecommunication industry still in its infancy stage in Iraq, this should provide us with the advantage in tapping into the growth potential of this emerging market.”, says Mr. Lim Thian Pin, the Country Manager of Telogic Malaysia.

About Asiacell
Asiacell is the first & oldest GSM Company in Iraq. It was Established 1999 under ‘no fly’ zone By Iraqi Businessman Mr. Faruk Mustafa Rasool. At the beginning Asiacell network coverage was primarily in Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq only of about 70,000 subscribers.

Today, Asiacell is a consortium composed of Asiacell Company for Telecommunication, Ltd (51%), Wataniya Telecom ( (40%) and the United Gulf Bank (9%).The license granted on October 7, 2003 by the Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunications, allows Asiacell to operate in Northern Iraq and expand to the rest of the country the second year.

Further information about Asiacell can be found at the URL :

About Telogic Group
Telogic is a leading telecommunications solution provider, which is headquartered in Singapore and with various regional offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and a network of partners in Asia Pacific region. The company is formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical experience and provides flexible telecom network management and mobile solution to support the requirement of converged communications applications. Its R&D activities are carried out via Telogic Technology Sdn Bhd, which is a MSC-Status company in Malaysia

Further information can be found in the company website