Software Outsourcing Services


We provide Software Design, Development and testing services
While you are working hard to come out with innovative ideas, servicing your customers and compete in a highly competitive market place, the last thing you wish to have are problems related to development of your software solution.
This is an area where Telogic can provide immense value. Telogic offers high quality and cost-efficient software development and testing outsourcing services covering many technologies

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled software architects, software developers, consultants, QA/Testers and project managers with expertise ranging from Core Engines, Database management, Web and Mobile Applications, IP, voice, data and wireless communications technology.
Our team is also experienced and knowledgeable in telecommunication network elements and advanced telephony signalling protocols

What we offer

We have a full team of professionals with various roles to offer the following types of services

  • Purely software coding and testing only, based on the software design and call-flow from you
  • Full suite of services based on a project idea you might have such as software architecture and call-flow design, software coding, testing & monitoring after implementation


Our Software Development Technologies and Skills


ASP.NET Core 2 / MVC.NET 5, C/C++, Java, Node JS, PHP, Entity Framework, Azure cloud services, Google Cloud, Scala, Rust, C#, Go


Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML 5/CSS 3, Express JS, Qt, Visual Studio : C#

Mobile Apps

Native or Hybrid Apps, Firebase backend, Node.js, Unity: mobile apps, 3d apps and game, AR and VR, React Native



MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, NoSQL/MongoDB, Postgresql, ArangoDB


ASN.1 encoder/decoder, GSM MAP, Short Message service, USSD service, GSM Roaming service, ISUP/TDM, SS7 SIGTRAN network


And Many More



Extensive experience in designing and developing telecoms value-added services for the fixed line and mobile network.

Experienced and knowledgeable in Cloud and On Premise Systems

Client-centric combining flexible engagement models with highly competent people supporting global deliveries

Strong project management skills with experience in large scale projects

The key management and staff have more than 15 years of working experience in the industry

Our Recent Works

Mobile Apps
Web Development
  • SS7 Product Re-engineering
    C/C++, LDAP, TCAP, MAP, Agile
  • Mobile BackEnd Re-engineering
    Node.JS, JSON, API, Redis, MongoDB, Agile
  • Smart Call GW
    Node.JS, JSON, API, Angular, Asterisk, HLS Streaming, MariaDB, Agile
  • E-claiming System for Mobile SC
    Angular, Node.JS, JSON, API , Web Service SOAP, MongoDB, Agile
  • VMT (Versatile Messaging Targets)
    Node.JS, JSON, API, MongoDB
  • Mobile Channel FE
    Angular, Node.JS, JSON, API, MongoDB, Agile
  • NDID (National Digital ID)
    Node.JS, JSON, API, MongoDB, Agile
  • Childcare Center Management System
    Angular, Node.JS, JSON, API, MongoDB
  • Office Management System
    Cordova hybrid framework, Java, API, JSON, MySQL, Google Maps


Following are some of our Client Testimonials


Advanced Info Services,
Largest Telco Operator in Thailand

We have been working with Telogic for many years. They are a very dedicated, proactive, and professional team. They are constantly focused on achieving great results. I’m immensely satisfied with their high quality of work.


Telogic has delivered one of the largest USSD system in the world at a large Asian service provider where it’s currently handling traffic at 600 TPS at peak hour and around 22 million USSD transactions per day

Telogic empowers more than 20 Telco Operators covering networks exceeding 100 million subscribers

Telogic’s Cloud based enterprise solution has served millions of retail customers


Ministry Defensive Singapore
AIS Thailand
M1 Singapore
DST Thailand
DTAC Brunei
Telekom Malaysia
Warid Bangladesh
Asia Cell Iraqi
XL Indonesia
Telkomsel Indonesia
CAT Thailand
TOT Thailand
Chunghwa Taiwan
Nokia Finland

Telogic Pte Ltd

Telogic Pte Ltd is a software and systems development
powerhouse in the South East Asia region.

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