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Astellia's optimisation solutions help more than 60 mobile telecom operators worldwide in their everyday task to maximize the performance of their network and thus to offer an optimum quality of service to their subscribers. With an experience of two decades in the telecom activity and a constant on-the-field involvement, we design, manufacture and sell proven relevant platforms and applications.

Our range of leader products -CIGALE QoS Analysis Applications, OCEAN Massive Data Capture Probes and MANTA Switches- provides a multi-level approach of the network behaviour whatever the technology (GSM / GPRS / UMTS).

Open and vendor independent, our equipment is known for the reliable aspect of the indicators provided and for its compliance with the major tools of the market.

Flexible and scalable, our offer can include complete turnkey Network Surveillance Systems or specific tools in complement to the classical manufacturer equipment. Whatever the context, our solutions are always dimensioned according to our customer's technical and economical constraints.

Thanks to Astellia's optimisation solutions, operators can decrease network troubles and increase revenues.

Christele Arnoult
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Astellia is involved in Quality of Service (QoS) measurement on GSM, GPRS and UMTS networks. Astellia have developed innovative and powerful tools for massive data capture on A, Gb, Gn, and Abis interfaces etc. and various processing software that assist the operators to have a clear visibility of their network performance for network optimization, troubleshoo ting, surveillance, measurement objectivity and technical problems anticipation.

Their product and solution suite comprises:

  • Ocean GSM/GPRS/UMTS (Massive Capture Probe)
  • Manta (Digital Cross Connect)
  • Cigale GSM/GPRS/UMTS (Application for QoS Optimization and Troubleshoo ting)
  • Abis Surfer (Application for Radio Optimization)
  • Alerter GSM/GPRS (Application for Real-Time Monitoring)

Cigale Roaming – Increase Roaming Revenue ( Astellia, France)

Roaming is an important source of revenue. Increase the roamer’s capture rate automatically leads to increase revenues. The network has to be tuned to capture more roamers. Operators need to be aware of where the roamers are entering the network and where the operators lose their roamers, and most importantly, the problems that they faced. The Cigale Roaming software enables the operators to increase the roamer’s capture by

  • Identifying roaming capture zones
  • Identifying areas for loss of roamers
  • Point traffic spots
  • Detect coverage holes
  • Uncover problems
  • Analyze problems
  • Generate reports
  • Study roamers behavior and profiling for marketing department

MANTA – Digital Cross Connect

MANTA is a rack mounted timeslots digital multiplexer designed for acquisition purposes. Any timeslot of the incoming PCM may be switched to one timeslot or more of the outgoing PCM. This mode allows a real-time adaptation to the network configuration.

  • Concentration of useful timeslots towards a test equipment
  • Allowing several testers to watch the same signaling ch annels at the same time
  • Timeslots grooming
  • 32x4 and 32x8 configuration
  • Dynamic timeslots detection e.g. for Ericsson BTS
  • Friendly GUI-based interface for configuration
  • Scanning mode for auto-configuration