Location Based Service Suite

Location Based Services Solution

Location based is a service the mobile operators could use t determine the location of a subscriber. Operators will be able t introduce various location-based VAS services to their subscriber with the information being location and content specific.

Buddy Finder Service
This service provides the real-time information of the location of the buddies. This service requires authorization from their buddies before it could reveal their locations. This service is only available to mobile subscribers of the same mobile network.

Directory Service
This service provides information based on the request from subscriber, For example if the subscriber requested for restaurant in the vicinity a list will be returned based on his/her current location.

Fleet Management Service
This service provides real-time information of the location of the corporate customer’s resources such as vehicles sale personnel.

Guardian Angel Service
This service allows parents to determine the whereabouts of their child.

Location Advertising Service
This service provides a channel to the third party to advertise their products to the mobile subscriber when they are fn the vicinity;

Travel Assistant Services
This service provides a channel to their subscribers to determine how to travel from the current location to a destination