Telogic wins Sales Award from KICC, Singapore

Telogic receives Sales Award from the Korea IT Cooperation Center in Singapore through the "Sales Representative Program 2020" in recognition of sales and marketing efforts

Telogic is the reseller partner of ASDTech, Korea to cover the ASEAN market.

Telogic and ASDTech have jointly participated in this sales award incentive program organised by KICC.

Telogic has successfully received the Sales Award from KICC in recognition of the sales and marketing efforts to resell ASDTech's products.

From 6 consortiums that took part in the first term of this program, Telogic is one of the only 2 consortiums selected to take part in the second term of this program for 2021. The selection was made by a panel of judges after reviewing the sales and marketing efforts reports.

About Telogic: Telogic Pte Ltd is a Singapore homegrown Telecommunications Solution provider for fixed and mobile telecom service providers, Internet Protocol (IP) and data/information broadband operators. Incorporated in 2002, Telogic Pte Ltd was formed by a team of experience and energetic professionals with extensive technical experience in computer telephony and the telecommunications industry. Based in Singapore, Telogic have offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and support offices in Cambodia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

About KICC: The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Republic of Korea is a non-profit government agency affiliated to the Ministry of Science and ICT in which is responsible for providing support to IT enterprises and professionals. Korea IT Cooperation Center (KICC), in Singapore, which opened on July 11, 2014, serves as National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA)'s strategic hub for boosting vigorous business opportunities between South Korea and ASEAN countries in the ICT industry.

About the Sales Representative Program: Collaboration and Innovation does not happen accidentally, it has to be nurtured and driven in the right ecosystem. Just as every forward-looking organization would take a pragmatic and structured approach to identify and support Collaboration and Innovation. Korean ICT related SMEs need to work closely together to enhance their competitiveness in the IT market that is dominated by large international companies with vertically integrated product solutions.

KICC initiated Sales Representative Program, a partnership program across 2 terms to bring together Sales Representatives to support Korean ICT SMEs to increase their market shares and sales revenue in the ASEAN market